For over 30 years, Houston Area Community Services and Bering Omega have worked to bring health services to an underserved population of Houston. And in November of 2016, Houston Area Community Services and Bering Omega merged to join forces under the new name Avenue 360 Health & Wellness.


The new name is a representation of a literal avenue—a path one takes to get to their destination. It is a point of access. Together, we guide our patients so they are able to reach better health outcomes and attain a better life. But individual paths are not linear and we provide a full range of services to promote a 360-degree approach to healthcare. No matter what path our patients are on, Avenue 360 is there to support them and give them the care they need.


Avenue 360 Health & Wellness offers a holistic solution for those seeking a medical home. The patient is the center of our model, giving our patients a collaborative choice for their healthcare needs. We care for the whole person, meaning that whether someone needs a diagnosis, a prescription for flu medicine, a stable place to live or a partner in wellness Avenue 360 Health & Wellness is there. Our whole community approach means that everyone is served, from families needing a primary care doctor to those who want to spend their last days in dignity. We represent that “We’re all in this together,” spirit.


We care for the whole person, the whole community and the whole city—we’ve done this for decades and will continue to do so for decades more.



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Address: 2105 West 18th Street suite 300, Houston, TX 77008